Making Your Home Dengue Free

With so many news about dengue, a mom should know what it takes to make their house dengue carrier mosquitoes free.

The thing about dengue is that mosquitoes carry them, so when there is no mosquitoes, it follows that the case of dengue will decrease. That is why the main solution of the government to prevent the increase of dengue cases is to eliminate the growth of this mosquitoes.

Fact: Mosquitoes that carry the virus dengue lives and lay egg on water. And not just ordinary water. If you think they like living in dirty water or in cannals and feeling safe because there is not one near your area, think again. Mosquitoes love laying their eggs on clean water. On water from your drums or plastic containers. So what is the best way to make your home dengue free?

DON’T STOCK WATER ON ANY CONTAINERS.. aside from your bottle containers in your fridge.. or when you need to, make sure that every container is tightly closed.

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