Counting Thread Count

Whenever I encounter bed linens, I see the word thread count, and I am totally clueless when it comes to thread count. So what is THREAD COUNT?

Based on my reading on different sites, thread count is the number of thread, horizontal and vertical per inch of a certain fabric. There are many factors that is included like the kind of thread used or the thickness of the thread used. When it comes to bed linens, the higher the thread count, the better. Why? because when there is more thread on a square inch of a thread, that means that the thread is finer which will result to a smoother fabric.

So when you buy a bed linen that has a thread count of 200 or more, expect a higher amount will reflect on barcode scanner, because as mentioned above, the higher the thread count, the softer, the better. So how many threads your linens have?

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