Cleaning Up, Cleaning All

And the rainy days are here again. So to avoid me being paranoid during rainy nights, we decided to have a general cleaning of the house. Some of our things that are a bit heavy were put on the maid’s room. And the heaviest of them all is their closet. It took 4 men to carry it. Good thing that we already moved it upstairs, at least now, I am at peace with the rain and I can sleep (really sleep) during rainy nights.

Now we have some more small things to clear out like the cup boards and other decors. Good thing that I already throw away most of my Christmas lights, less clutter. But of course, if ever my kids will ask me to decorate the house this coming season, I’ll just buy white led christmas lights, a much safer alternative. Some of my Christmas decors are already stashed (neatly of course) in the maid’s room so no need to worry.

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