His And Her Closet

For years that me and hubby has been together, our closet is always about his clothes, less mine and more him. I am not a clothes or shoes or bags girl. When it comes to myself, I don’t indulge on anything. I am always happy seeing them happy. Always contented on buying things for them. But lately, I have been giving myself a “me” time. Buying clothes for me, buying shoes and buying girly stuffs for me. It’s about time eh? Actually not. I am doing this for my youngest baby, my baby girl. My soon to be apprentice. I wanna be the most fasyon mom she can ever have and so I have been scouting shoes that are nice and with style, like the apple bottom sandals. So yes, our closet will be his and her closet from now on. Or maybe, I should buy another closet for me?

What do you think?

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