Growing Old

I am only on my late twenties (oh that is not so nice to hear LOL). I am thinking what are the things I can do when I am in my 50’s. By then, my first born will be in his late twenties and my youngest girl is on her twenties. For sure, their life will no longer be centered on our house. Hubby and I will be left alone in the house. We can play online slot machines to give us something to do. We can also play other online games. By then, maybe I am no longer working or I no longer have my full time online jobs. We will be spending more time outside the house than sitting in front of the computer.

So what are the few things an old woman can do at home?

Gardening is one of the best activity to take the boredom away. I can plant tomatoes or any vegetable I want. I can also have a small garden of herbs and spices. I can also try orchid gardening or even flower gardening. Based on my previous gardening experience, my hands can do that.I may not have the hands of my mom, but in a way, I do have a green thumb. Oh I haven’t told you but my mom ‘s hands are so good on gardening and planting. She only need to throw a seed and it will grow. Her hand is magical! And would you believe, she was successful in growing fruit trees that are not so easy to plant?

Aside from gardening, I can also do house painting. That is one of my dream activity. I love anything construction jobs. I can paint our fence or the whole house. And fro sure, that is something that my husband will enjoy too. And of course, when we’re both tired doing that stuff, we can take a rest and play our favorite online games.

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