Exhaust System

It has been a while since I last posted here. I haven’t been into major cleaning in the house yet. Kinda busy with all my online activities and responsibilities. I promised I will go somewhere in Manila to take a pic of the furniture sold in Abad Santos, but haven’t done that yet.

Anyways, I realized our house needs exhaust tips like the one used in cars. In automobiles, exhaust tips are the one where the exhaust gas flows, together with muffler, they complete the exhaust system of any car. In houses, this can be compared to exhaust fan, not the mechanism of course but the fact that both takes out exhaust air.

One of the reason why we need an exhaust system in our house is because we cook a lot of food thus making our house more attractive to flies. If our kitchen has an exhaust system, the smell of the food would be exhausted out of the house. Another reason is to reduce the amount of bad smelling air inside the house. W cannot deny the fact that I have boys int he house and whenever they use the comfort room, it smells badly. An exhaust system inside the bathroom would be really helpful.

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