Downy® Simple Pleasures®

Here is another Downy variant that was recently released in the local market, Downy® Simple Pleasures® Spice Blossom Dare Liquid. The picture was taken from the DONWY website ( And as the site claims:

Challenge your daring side with the mix of sweet spice notes in Spice Blossom Dare liquid fabric softener. The first traces of scent are cinnamon and cloves, balanced by sugary gourmand notes, with rich amber underlying the scent.

  • Luxurious scent that lasts from wash to wear
  • Contains Renewing Scent Pearls for fresh bursts of fragrance that release with your embrace
  • Infuses fabrics with softness so they feel as good as they look
  • Fights against pesky static cling

There are other variants of Downy® Simple Pleasures® but I am not sure if this has been released here already. Next week, I will buy this variant and will tell you how was the smell and how it performs on our clothes.

Other Downy® Simple Pleasures®:

  • Water Lily Radiance
  • Orchid Allure
  • Lavender Serenity
  • Almond Cream Bliss

Downy® Simple Pleasures® Spice Blossom Dare Liquid

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