Cheap Wooden Cribs

And though I never admit it, I am a fan of wood. I love wood furniture, I love tables, I love anything that is wood or something that looks like wood. That is why when I had my first born, my mind was fixed on having wooden crib for him. It was very tiring looking for cheap wooden crib a most department stores offers playpen and cribs made out of plastic and steel. These are portable cribs and though they are cheap too, I want a wooden crib.

In malls, you will find wooden cribs with an expensive price tag, usually it is hundred dollar or more (5000 Phil Peso). If you want a cheaper alternative, cribs that are priced around 2ooo Pesos or less, you should look around in your local stores or local furniture maker. You can also drop by your wet market, look for bigger markets like the one in Pasig. Divisoria is also a place to look for cheap wooden crib. And if your up for a ride, why not visit the furniture shop under the Jose Abad Santos lrt station. There are more than a dozen of furniture shops there and more than 5 sells cheap wooden crib.

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