Wood Furniture

So while I was browsing for cheap modern furniture, I came across a site that offers rustic furniture. Reminds me of my mom so much as she is so in love with wood furniture. In fact, she knew a lot of people in the wood industry in the eastern part of Luzon.

Part of me was amazed at how this kind of furniture are made. We have one in the house and I can’t find a single nail on it. It does not use one! They assemble it in a way that the wood parts are locked to each other without the use of nails. How cool can that be? And oh if you think it easily fell off, not it’s not. You will need all the strength you need to break them apart and you will not succeed.

And still part of me is wishing to have one wood furniture in my garden when we have one (and hopefully that would be next year). My mom says that one of the best wood furniture to purchase is the one made out of Molave tree. This one can withstand weather, fire and heat. A very nice addition to a garden.

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