When Hospitality Is Too Much

If you have not been to my country, you have not experienced the true meaning of hospitality. People here are so hospitable, they will almost give their house keys to you. Not that I complain but there are times when hospitality is too much, and I am talking about my mother. The phrase, “Hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even if you wish they were.” is not applicable to her. She really makes her guest feel at home without even thinking or wishing that they are home. Actually, she is like that in everything, she is giving and very kind to people. If she tried a new product like diet pills, she would easily give away diet pill reviews for free. In fact, her house is like a small convenient stores and some of her guest are really exploiting her kindness, they would take home some of my mom’s things.

Whenever we told her to slow down on being Mother Theresa of her friends, she frowned on us.

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