Getting Rid Of Flies

Since it started to rain, flies are in and out of the house. It bothers me a lot, aside form the health threats it poses on us, I hate it when they sit on my skin or lightly brushes off my skin.. The feeling is super gross! So I did a little search on how I can get rid of flies.

I learned that flies repel cloves, basil and lemon. I have no idea what clover is but than goodness for wiki, I got some photos of what clover is.

So my plan is to boil lemon and used it as a spray around the house. It can also be a good source of deodorant around the house. As for the basil, I am planning to buy a dozen or so plants and put some on my kitchen, some on the front door and a lot around the house. Or maybe I can use basil oil for my decanter.

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