Couples Corner: We Love Doing What?

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I know most of you will thinks our hobby is eherm.. with four kids being proof eh? LOL.

nah, it’s not.

in fact we don’t have one..

My hobby is blogging and he coding/programming.. so you see we both love what we are doing and we are both earning from it. He’s a software engineer and you can always see him in front of the pc doing his codes.. while I am a blogger/ internet marketing specialist and you can always see me in front of pc.. s

I cannot say cooking is my hobby as that is my responsibility. Sewing can never qualify as my hobby as I only do it whenever I am inspired.. maybe photography is a bit.. but nah, it’s blogging still.

next to that is eherm.. hehe

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2 thoughts on “Couples Corner: We Love Doing What?

  1. Hehehe! Marce, kung di lang kami pumapalya ng ilang gabi pwede na namin maging hobby ang ehem, ahahahahhahaha!

    so kayong mag asawa eh laging nakaharap sa computer ha. buti di naglalabuan mga mata nyo noh? hehehe. asawa ko naman remote ng tv lagi ang binubutingting, kesa ako butingtingin eh paminsan minsan hinahayaan ko na lang siya..

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