Couples Corner: Thanks But No Thanks

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Let me think of a day where I left him with the kids. Hmm.. only recently but that’s with two helpers. He cannot do it. He is not the mommy dad. Or is it because my kids are too dependent on me? Maybe, but he is such as baby too. Actually me sissies always tease me, I can leave my kids for a while but not hubby. He wont survive it. Actually I prefer going otu with him or I go out and he goes out too. I am not confident to go out if he would be the one looking after the kids. For sure he would pressure to go home.

Hubby is such a baby. LOL

And he knows how to spoil the kids so it’s better if I don’t leave them to him.

Hey Marce, wala ba akong welcome back bandaritas? LOL

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  1. WELCOME BACK!!! di ako marunong gumawa ng banderitas eh, pano ba? salubungin pa kita ng torotot eh, hahaha!

    Ganon? di pala pwedeng maiwan sa mga bata si hubby mo, si Rodney nga dinadala pa mga bata mag fishing, pero umiigsi na rin ang pasensiya, tumatanda na kasi, hehehe! Paminsan minsan need nilang makita kung gano kahirap mag alaga ng mga bata noh! Hehehe.. Thanks for joining Mare, sana lagi lagi..

  2. Pareho rin pala ni Pangit ang Hubby mo sis…he’s too dependent on me and since mas older ako sa knya ng 11 months sinasabi nya na dpat siya ng bnibaby ko…

    Happy CC!

  3. Ako din, baby rin sa aking hubby ko. Hayz naku, siguro kasi youngest sya sa family nya and his mom pampers him a lot, like cooking for him and etc. Yeah, I guess my hubby’s trait will be like yours someday. hahay.

  4. hahaha!!! nga naman… mga panganay daw ang mga hubby eh… sa amin eh ako ang baby… haha!!! kung di pa papaluin, di pa kikilos… haay naku, malas ng asawa ko… hahaa!!!