Signs Of Cockroach Infestations

It seems that during the daylight your house is cockroach free. An so you thought, the creepy insects never really liked your home. Then one night, when you went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water, you stepped on something. You feel some bones crushing in your feet and the little legs scratching your foot skin. Yikes! That is clearly a cockroach.. and so you thought your house is cockroach free..

For one, cockroaches are nocturnal animals. They seldom roam in the daylight. So how will you know that your house is cockroach infested? without being awake the whole night?

The clear signs of cockroach is shell casings. These are dark small shell casings, egg cases from recently hatched roaches. It is oval in shape and usually empty. Another sign is the presence of pellet like, dark colored, foul smelling roach fecal. Yup, it’s smell more like a shit.

Lastly, a sure sign of roach infestation is the smell. Aside from the fecal smell, cockroaches gives a very oily odor and very strong may I add. This is the type of smell that can take off your appetite.

Cockroach management is another thing, and one of the best way to treat roaches is to look for their nest and make it clear to them that your house is not cockroach haven.

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