When To Change Appliance

Appliances is like weight loss supplements, once you found the perfect one for you, it will take years before you change it. Years of course depends on the type of appliances. So do you know when is the right time to ditch the old appliances? Well, I asked around and some appliances store shared with me the life expectancy of certain appliances.

Dishwasher takes 10 years before it starts throwing off your plates. Just kidding, but after 10 years, consider changing your dishwasher.

Refrigerator takes 11 to 12 year before it starts malfunctioning. So before it stops cooling your food, buy a new one on its 1oth birthday.

Microwave can last up to 10 years. SO on its 11th year, say goodbye to your popcorn, not unless you already bought a new one.

So far those are the appliances I asked the last time I went to the nearest appliance store here. Will post more on  my next visit.



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