Trip Down Memory Lane

Do you remember the time when we have no play money? Those time where you play buy and sell and uses leaves as your money (where as your merchandise are leaves too LOL).

My kids were asking me a while ago if I used to play cashier when I was a kid.

Now you’re on for a trip down memory lane…

When I was a kid, me and playmates used to play in our backyard or their backyard. We would play buy and sell or play house. We would pretend we were sellers and cooks. One time we decided we no longer have to pretend so we cooked our very first meal! We got kangkong leaves, rice and salted egg.

The fun of having to eat the food you just cooked still makes me smile up to now.. ahh childhood.

Kids now are not as lucky as we are no.

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  1. hi sis!

    we played that buy and sell too! we used santan leaves and cooked santan flowers.hahaha. then nung nag-experiment in cooking, we cooked camote tops in a tin can.*yummy*LOL.