The Challenge Of Packing

Moving is one the biggest challenge a homemaker has to face. There is so much to do like packing the things, sorting out the things and thinking of ways to minimize the clutter and the moving boxes. Then contacting a moving company is another thing. Which makes me think why moving trucks have big truck exhaust. Is it because they can carry a lot of load? Just like with race cars, why do they have bigger exhaust system? Oh well maybe it has something to do with the revolution and the likes. Anyways,if there is one thing I like about moving, that would be decluttering. Last year, when we decided to move (which did not push through), I started throwing some stuffs. From ten boxes, our clutter was down to 5. See what I mean?

I love the fact that moving can be a good excuse for having a general cleaning in the house. I fact, I already posted some guides on how to effectively move out or pack your things. It’s like a game to me where I am competing with myself and he limitations of the boxes that I can use. It’s a big battle specially for things that I cannot let go but I needed to.

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