Save Up On Water

And with the summer heat extending until July, our water system needs all the help it can get from its consumers. We all need to save and lessen our water consumption. And there are many ways on how we can do it.

Water is very important in our life and if you still not aware of it, your body is made up  mostly of water. We need water to function and to survive. But we don’t need water to use excessively. And so if you want to conserve water, you must take note of the activities where you consumed most water. For use here, its laundry, bath, washing the dishes that consumes a lot of water. Maybe if I will lessen our consumption with water, I can afford a term life insurance (something that I will need if ever I will apply for a loan, so I can buy a mac..woot!) from our savings in our water bill.

We have been practicing some tips on how to conserve water. One of this is not using the shower when we take a bath. We use dip and pail instead and we already turned off the flush in our toilet bowl. I am also using laundry detergent that will help in saving up more water. I plan to practice all the tips there is in terms of conserving water. I can only count on myself to help in our water crises.

How about you?

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