Price Of Inverter Air Conditioner

I have been talking about the benefits of inverter type air conditioners. We know now that it can lower our electricity consumption. What we do not know is how much do we need to shed out to have an inverter air con in our rooms. Do we need to take out a loan so we can buy one? If so, do you need to look for free credit score checker in order to see if your credit score will allow you to take a loan? I look around the appliance stores near us and what I learned that there are more than a dozen types of inverter air con, from type of brands to different type of models.

From a local selling site, an inverter air con unit will cost from 30,000 PhP to 40,000 PhP. If you convert that in dollars, that’s $700 to $900+. A typical air con will cost you 10,000 PhP or even less, that’s $200+. They say that when you use inverter aircon, you can save at least 30% of your electric consumption. So for example you monthly bill is 7,000 PhP. If you buy an inverter air con, you will save, 2100 PhP. In a year, you already saved the amount you spend for your aircon and in the coming years, you were able to save more.

So I guess, inverter air cons is a good investment. Now I am off to doing my job so I save enough for inverter air con. I plan to buy one next year before summer.

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