Must Have Tools

Being a homemaker, you should know some basic repairing in your house. And of course, you should have some basic carpentry tools in your house. And if you ask me, I can mention at least 4 basic tools that you need in your house.

One of the must have tool in the house is a set of screw drivers. You should have one Philips screw driver and one crisscross screw driver. You should also have box cutter in handy for your cutting needs.

Another carpentry tool that you should have is a set of hammer and nails. This will come in handy specially if you need to hang something or you need to install wires for clothes sun drying.

Pliers is another thing. This can be very useful specially if you need to tighten things or need to loosen up tight closures. And of course you need a toll box to store all these tools.

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