Magnetic Wall Paint

I used to watch home and garden shows in my local channel and one the most interesting stuff I saw was the sue of magnetic wall paints for a kid’s room. The paint was used so that the kids can attached or stick magnetic stuffs on the wall. Now it makes me think of it is safe on the wall. And it makes me want to have a wall painted with magnetic paint so I can stick there the list of diet pill that works, that I found on the net. I will be needing that list when I am done breastfeeding. Magnetic boards are really cool, no more hassle of using tapes or post it note or thumb tacks (which never fails to hurt my feet).

The first question is, if it safe to use in the house? And based on some readings I got, yes it is as it does not contain lead. And it being safe to use near computers and speakers (for magnet purpose), the answer is yea again as the mechanism of the magnetic paint wall is much the same as it is on refrigerator wall.

The magnetic wall paint is also easy to apply. All  you need to do is use the paint as the base of your wall paint. So after applying the magnetic paint, you put another latex paint on it.

The best thing about this magnetic wall paint is the unending fun it can give to your kids as they stick their artworks on their walls. And of course to you as you stick your to do list, list of any list and all reminders in your wall.

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