It Just Needs Some Cleaning

We thought we needed a new air con and in my mind I was quite excited to buy a new one (of course I am eying an inverter air conditioner). I am trying to save my earnings so I can buy an inverter air con anytime soon. I can’t wait to see the barcode scanners in the appliances store register the price/amount I have to pay. It’s like telling me, congratulations..this is your earnings and soon you and your kids will enjoy it.

Our air con has been malfunctioning for almost a month, must be the heat and the almost 24 hour usage. And then, one lazy afternoon, hubby decided to take it out and give it a general cleaning. We remembered we hadn’t cleaned it since we move here, which is 3 years ago. Good thing that there was a neighbor who knows how to clean air con. We paid $10 for it and whoa! The dust and the dirt inside our air con was unimaginable. It was thick, it can replace a cardboard. And so, after it was cleaned, it good as new again. The kids and I suddenly needed our blankets again amidst the summer heat.

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