Folding Clothes

I dread folding clothes. It is the most time consuming house hold chore for me. One reason why, is the fact that I take extra care on folding our clothes. As much as possible I want it all straight and folded the same way. My helper knows that so she when she folds the clean clothes, she leaves our clothes. It’s hard to fold clothes that have a different style than an ordinary shirt. Like for example breeches with copped peg, sharp flare on the upper part of the clothing, it would be hard to fold this specially if the flare is big, I guess this better left off hanging.

I have been thinking of inventing a folding accessory or helper that will teach my house helps to fold our clothes neatly or in a super uber organized way. But that would be too much, so i guess folding will remain to be my chores, up until one on my kids emerged as OC as me. That’s the kid’s closet and as much as possible I try to make it as organized as I can.

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