Air Coolers

We were talking about air conditioner and air coolers and the difference of the two. Of course the price is the major difference. Which led us to our question, why is it that air coolers are way cheaper than air conditioner?

The usual air cooler is not worth a bullion(precious metals such as gold or silver in the form of bars or ingots), it is somewhere between $70 to $100, while an air conditioner is somewhere between $200 and up. with the price difference of the two, is it practical to go for air coolers instead of air conditioner?

From my readings, I have learned that air coolers are devise that cools the air using water or ice. And from the looks of it, air conditioner is still the best option if you want to be cool amidst the scorching heat of summer. And some even suggest that instead of buying an air cooler, buy a fan instead and just put an ice on its back, it works almost the same as air cooler.

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