Water Update

The man who cut our service yesterday came back today and reconnect it. Apparently, they just put a tiny round plastic to stop the water from the main pipe (I was about to type tube LOL). It took him less than 5 minutes to reconnect it. So I asked the man, if that plastic round thing is the one that cost us $10. And he said no, it us not paying on time. I am, I know. But I am not that rude all the time. I remember once when someone knocked on our door to discuss about cheap insurance. I let them in and listened to what they have to say. But the one who cut our service was different, he was really rude to start with. Imagine he even asked if we have water supply when in fact he was the one who cut it the other day. How dumb can he be?

So you think I will let this pass. I even told him that I know now the reason why they charge us so high for reconnection fee, because the tools they use are all brand new and stainless steel.

I will never let this happen again.

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