Washing The Dishes

If there is one household chore that I hate so much, that is washing the dishes. Dishwasher is not a necessary appliance, to most people it’s luxury and to oldies, it means being lazy. When I was a kid, my grandmother forces us to do the dishes, I guess that is the reason why now, I don’t like doing it. It reminds of my childhood (which is not that good) and reminds me how it feels being in prison. I know it’s not  a big deal of a chore, but sometimes, I don’t feel like doing it. But I do not have a choice. I think I was too young to be exposed to such thinking that if you can’t do anything about just accept it.

And so I grew up with so much dislike to dish washing. Last year when I have no helper yet, our dirty dishes piles up in our kitchen sink.  And if we have nothing more to use, that is the only time that I will wash it. I was so stressed out with it that my face needed anti aging face cream.Yes, my face looked a lot older than my age because of dirty dishes piling in our kitchen sink. I almost resort to using plastic cups and plastic papers, if not for my love for the environment. Good thing now, I have two helpers, so dish washing is the least on my worries. What’s my favorite house chore? That will be the topic of my next post.

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