Tomato Season

It’s Tomato season once again. I learned from my experience that tomatoes grows from January to April. Plant a tomato in January and you will harvest it around March to April. Last year, I was able to plant some on my small garden and harvested a lot of tomatoes. A tree can give you more than a kilo of tomatoes. This year, I forgot to plant one last January, makes me wish I had. Our family loves tomato, we put it in almost every dishes I prepare.

My mom says that in out province, tomato growers can even avail of health savings account from their tomato earnings. She says that during tomato season, farmers harvest a lot of tomato from their farms. I won’t have that much tomato since I only have a small piece of land to plant tomatoes, but still, there is much big difference on eating your home grown tomatoes from market bought tomatoes.

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