Oximeter For Home Use

Another great gadget that we can invest is oximeter. In hospitals, this used to measure (indirectly) the oxygen saturation of a patient’s blood (thanks Wikipedia.com). Having this medical devise at home can be advantageous. Home where there is a patient that suffers from respiratory or cardiac problems should have this. But before buying an oximeter, you should first look for the one that is best in terms of quality and is very accurate in measuring oxygen saturation. Don’t e fooled with low quality and inferior oximeter, choose only the best. After all it’s your health we are talking about.

FYI: In June, 2009, video game company Nintendo announced an upcoming peripheral for the Wii console, dubbed the “Vitality Sensor,” which consists of a pulse oximeter. This marks the onset of the use of this device for non-medical, entertainment purposes. source

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