My Office

If there is something that I love, oh wait, I love everything about being a homemaker. OK, let’s do it again.. If there is one thing that I look forward as a homemaker, that is shopping for furniture. Right now, I can smell wood, leather and cushion. I love looking at different furniture designs and looking for the best deal in town. I even know where to find the cheapest and sturdy office furniture. Right now, I need to upgrade my little office furniture. You know I work at home right? Anyways, I used to have a computer table but during the flood, it was severely damaged. Now, I am only using an office table. I am happy with my office table because I can write and do some artworks in it while I am not using the computer. But I think it would be more comfortable to me if my PC have a place of its own. Anyways, I still have to rearrange our house furniture before  I start shopping for my office. *wink

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