My Dream Backyard

If we are to have our own house, I want it to have a big lawn. A lawn where we can plant fruit bearing trees. And as my first born son says, a lawn where they can have a tree and they can pretend monkeys. If we only live in the province, we won’t have problems looking for trees. Here, we have to go to the nearest ecopark to be bale to play and climb trees. If money will allow us, we will buy a big lot, plant a lot of trees and install a pond. Our pond will have the best pressurized pond filter to prevent it from being dirty and saturated.We will put a lot of fish there. I can just imagine how our backyard will look. In the front, we will have a small pond and a garden of flowers and one or two fruit bearing trees. At the back, we will plant vegetables and a lot of fruit bearing trees. And we can even have a tree house!

Dreaming can be really fun!
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