Memory Loss

How forgetful can we be? Last month we did not pay our water bill because we can’t find the bill. Then this month in our bill it says that we have to pay the months consumption in order to prevent them form the cutting their service with us. My bad, since I was busy researching for medical coding training courses for a friend, it slip my mind. It so happens that we should pay our bill on the 14th to prevent them from cutting the service. SO the next day, April 15, when we got back from Paula’s birthday party, we were shocked to learned that they cut our water service. Oh my!

Immediately we paid our bill and yeah we have to pay for their reconnection fee which is $10. Hubby called their service center and he was furious to learned that it will take them 5 days to reconnect our service. Oh yes, we paid $10 to wait for 5 days.

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