Inverter Air Conditioner

I first heard about inverter air conditioner from a paid post. I don’t have the slightest idea about it and since I have to write about it, I read some articles and wikis about inverter air con. It took me an hour or so before I finally understood what is the difference between inverter air con and the traditional one. It all boils down to compressor. Technically, I am still at lost, but in a way, I knew something about how it can decrease our electricity usage. It has something to do with compressors, a term that I still have to learn.

The farthest I can go with compressors is the fact that it is the one responsible for temperature control. It is the one responsible to make our rooms cooler or warmer. The compressor turns on to meet the desired temperature and when it does, it turns off. That is how it works in typical air conditioner. In an air conditioner with inverter compressor technology, instead of shutting of and starting every time it needs to change the temperature, it just slows down. That is the main reason why inverter air cons consume less energy.

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