How To Lower Your Meralco Bill

So, you have seen how much your Meralco Bill is. And you’re done cursing and hoping for miracles. Now, let’s be more logicl and think of something that we can do to lower our Meralco/ electricity bill.

On using rice cooker: When you are using a rice cooker to cook your rice, here is what you can do to lower the time that it is plugged and consuming electricity. As you know, you have to wash the rice for 2x, after the second wash, just leave the water on it for about 10 minutes. Then drain it and add hot water (from your thermos) and cook it in your rice cooker.

On using your refrigerator, you can try making ice at night. On the morning, bring out a large pitcher or water container and put the ice you made the night before. In this case, you will not be opening your ref often for cold water.

On using your air conditioner, er.. I cannot suggest anything on this field as I have four kids who cannot bear heat. You can try turning it off at 2 in the morning and just use fan.

And lastly and one of the most important tip to lower electricity consumption.. UNPLUG YOUR APPLIANCES such as TV, electric fan, computer when they are not in use.

Now, wait till next month as I have heard from the news that the REAL increase on our electric bill will reflect on our April consumption bill.

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