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I am so sorry Marce Liz, I am so late in posting my entry this week. It says we have to talk about work, work and work. Or do we have? Er, reading it again, Liz says that this entry is not about work but if we as a couple talk about our jobs as the day ends.

Hubby is a software developer and he always say that his first love is the pc (and now mac LOL). It is seldom that you will see him not in front of his PC. And since I started blogging, I am too is always on the computer. Would you believe that sometimes, we would send ims to each other, even though we were just some meters away from each other. It’s not that we were busy to talk to each other, it’s a play thing for us. He would buzz and ask for a date when in fact he is just in our bedroom. It was really fun. And so do we talk about our jobs? Yes, specially if there is something trivial or funny on his job. On my part, he knows everything that is happening in blogniverse, how much paid post I have or how much will be on my paypal.

It really is important that couples update each other about their job. Specially to couples where the husband work in an office, you have to know how much stressed he is so you’ll know how to treat it. Maybe a little hair play will do (now, what kind of hair, go ask Marce Liz).

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1 thought on “Couples Corner: WFH

  1. Marce, kami rin ni Rodney, kahit magkatalikod lang nagpapalitan ng IM’s. just for fun!

    Importante talaga ang nagsasabihan kayo ng days at work, kasi sometimes, our hubbies need someone to talk to, or kahit mag vent lang ba about work. And although most of the time, wives have no clue on what the husbands do at work, they can just listen and say ” oh, really? hmmm…” while playing each other’s hair, di ba??

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