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Couples Corner will be moving here. This is a house and home blog so better put a bit about relationship here. And I need traffic and comments for this blog..haha The theme for this week is watching movies. Hubby and me are not movie goers. I am not a movie buff (makes you think why I have a movie review blog) and he is not too. But I do dream of having an outdoor movie, that’s why I keep checking out  Oudoor Movie HQ from time to time.

When it comes to movie genre, we are different.I like watching suspense/ horror films. You can’t get him to watch those kinds of films. He loves action/ hostage drama type, I don’t. I love action/death defying films. He does not. He love Samuel Jackson. I love Julia Roberts. He likes Godfather, er I can’t relate (hey he even plays Mafia on FB). I love musicals, he wonders why (I can’t even sing a good happy birthday song). But we both love LOTR and Sting (an old film) and X-Men and other famous films like Transformers and Marvels.

How do we do when we watch movie? I sleep, he watch LOL. By now you know it’s not one of our bonding time.. we prefer eating and sleeping together. We are so bum. Some time though, we watch movies together and I love the fact that he always ask me what is happening (shows who is smarter LOL). I always tell him that I hate it when he does that but deep inside me, I enjoy it so much.

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2 thoughts on “Couples Corner: Movies

  1. Hehehe, sa amin ni Rodney ako ang tanong ng tanong kung ano ang nangyayari, kapag medyo di ko maintindihan, or kapag horror at nakatakip ang mata ko, naku, busit na busit siya sa akin. Mahilig kami ni Rodney sa movies, yun nga lang, may type siyang di ko type..but, we agree on a lot of genres, so minsan makikita mo kaming magkaiba ng pinapanood. Aba, eh tig isa kami ng laptop, eh di manood siya ng gusto niay at manonood ako ng akin, di ba?

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