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I can say without a doubt that my husband is my best friend. He is the only one who knows me inside and out, literally inside and out. I can say anything to him, from my dreams to my fears. He knows the marce club, he knows how I feel about blogging. He knows when I am up. We talk about everything. I can’t keep a secret to him and I know he can’t keep a thing from me too. We know each other so well that even before we speak, we already know what the other wants to say.

I am very lucky to have a man like that.

When we started out our relationship, it has been very clear that we would not keep secrets from each other. We started out as friends so even before that, we already knew our past. So when we became an item, secrecy is a word that never exist in our vocabulary. Sometimes I feel weird on how open we can be to each other. LOL

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  1. hehehe! panong open ba Mare? at ganon ka open?? wahahahhaha!!!

    Being your husband’s bestfriend can be the best thing, kasi di na yun hahanap ng ibang makakausap, so, di makakaita ng iba, oh di ba?? Saka, it’s a great feeling when you can talk to your partner about anything, and that he knows and understands you inside and out. Whoelse can you go to when you need anything? di ba ke fahfah! Love your entry..Next week na uli..

  2. Indeed secrecy in marriage should never exist, unless there are wonderful surprises on special occasions, dba mommy pehpot? hehe… Thanks for dropping by po… 🙂