Chores That I Love

And if I dislike dish washing, I love doing the laundry. I get a high whenever I wash our dirty clothes. And I can do tons of dirty clothes in a a few hours only. Beat that. I told, that’s my favorite thing to do. When I was a child and we used to wash our clothes in the river. It was fun to me then, it seems like every time we will wash our clothes, we are going on a picnic. My favorite term then was “maglalaba sa ilog” (will wash the laundry on the river), it is synonymous to FUN. Grandma will wake us up early and tell us to prepare our clothes. They would bring breakfast and we all head to the nearest river. While they wash our dirty clothes, me and my sisters will play along the sand and swim on the river. It was one of my fondest memory in our province.

Maybe, that is the reason why I love doing the laundry. When it comes to hanging the clothes to dry, I have to excuse myself. Too much sun can damage my skin. I can’t have more acne. Though there are more and more  adult acne treatments available in the market. Prevention is always better than cure. So after I am done doing the laundry, I will call my helper (oh yes, even though I have two helpers now, I still wash our clothes) to hang the clothes outside.

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