Broken Meralco Meter

While I was doing some online stuffs, a Meralco representative knocked on our gate. It seems that they are checking the activity of the apartment beside us. They say that for a month now, there is no electrical usage on the said house and their system was very suspicious that the account was put to discrepancy. And they were tasked to check the said unit. But of course, the reason why the house has no electric usage it because it is vacant, and a big sign of apartment for rent can attest that. According to the rep, it is how their system works and if a vacant house suddenly have an electric usage, they will also have to check it. Their system was very efficient don’t you think?

The good rep even told us that when your electric meter was broken and there has been no record of your electric usage, you have to report it immediately  because you won’t get away with it. What I mean is, even if their system does not record any usage from your unit since the meter is broken, they will still charge you. How they can do that? Well, they will just get your highest average usage and use that as the basis of your bill computation. So this is a warning, when you discover that you are not billed with your electricity even if it you are using it (Broken Meralco Meter), call them and report it as soon as possible.

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