Aquarium Beliefs

They say that having an aquarium can bring good luck at home. I even watched a show where they discuss what kind of fish can be put in the aquarium. They even said that we can put some gold coins on it to attract money. Of course, we have to be cautious and should clean the coins first. Let me drink some coffee first before and I will share with some of the things I learned from this certain TV show.

sip.sip.sip (and a lot more sips)

I’m back.

And yes, about the aquarium thing. I learned that the color of the fish plays important role if you want your aquarium attract good luck. They say that you should invest on fish in the colors of blue, green, yellow. You should not pet a red fish as red signifies fire. Fire and water does not go together. Another thing, the best place for an aquarium is to put it near the door. Do not put an aquarium inside your bedroom. Because of the bubbling activity of the water, aquarium is really busy, and placing it in your bedroom is not a good idea. Bedroom should be relaxed. Lastly (since I still have to finish my breakfast), always put odd number of fish on your aquarium and put a black fish to absorb all negative energies.

I am not an expert on aquariums and beliefs surrounding it, I am just sharing.

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