SHOE For Today

I will be posting about SHOE for four days straight, that’s to boost up my points for Earth’s 2nd Blog Anniversary Treat. What is a SHOE? It is Seven Heaven On Earth, seven things that make you happy today. So what is the homemaker’s SHOE today?

  1. Waking up in a clean house and I have to thank my helper for that! She is so cool!
  2. My rechargeable electric fan. It is small compare to other fans we have but that’s a good thing since we can place it anywhere, even on our side as we sleep.
  3. My Big Box decorated with Spongbob stickers!
  4. DSC_0607

  5. My Divisoria Treat for my Sofa, a new cover!
  6. Organizing my anik box.
  7. Waking up, seeing my anik corner clean and organized. Last night I was nagging like hell because of it.
  8. Napping on the floor and finally taking my back to rest. Yay!

I just noticed that two things that made me happy today was organized related. OCD attack again. I told you, I am a neat freak. I hope tomorrow I will wake up again in a nice clean house. Yay!

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