Our afternoon nap was disturbed by a 4 something magnitude earthquake. I am just guessing the magnitude but I learned that the epicenter of the earthquake was in Mindoro, Philippines. The earthquake was 6.1 magnitude.

Me and my youngest was lying on our bed when I noticed it was shaking. Since I just finished rocking her to sleep, I thought it was just an aftershock of our rocking moment. When it did not stopped, I look around if someone’s rocking the bed. No, it is a real earthquake. I started to panic when the shake goes stronger and asked hubby if he can feel it. Er, he is so engrossed.. he said no..

If it did not stopped, I would have rushed down and look for someplace where we can be safe. It was really scary. Now I think I will post some article here on what to do when the earth starts to shake.

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