Downy Isang Banlaw Is My Shoe

I am not wearing APRON, I am wearing SHOE today! SHOE is Seven Heaven On Earth, seven things that make you happy today. I am doing this in all my blogs and so far, I can only feel happiness because of it. Today is laundry day and that is something I look forward to! Here are my SHOE today:


  1. Doing the laundry in 2 hours because of Downy Isang Banlaw.
  2. Downy Isang Banlaw.
  3. Downy Antibacterial. Since I discovered this, I no longer have to dry the my kids’ clothing in the sun.
  4. Seeing the Mega Bloks that are well organized (oh my, that word again!)
  5. The thought of cleaning our room using AJAX is very enticing. I hope I can do it next week.
  6. The clothes are dry now! It’s folding time and that is not included on  my SHOE because I dread folding time.
  7. Seeing the laundry area clean and clutter free and the laundry bin with less clothes. Another laundry had passed and I am really glad!

I will be sleeping early today, got tired doing the laundry 🙂

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