Clean Your Tabo

Who likes bathroom cleaning? You do?


No, you are not weird as I do bathroom cleaning too. The sense of making it spotless clean can get me really high. And if you are a homemaker like me, you know that bathroom cleaning does not end on tiles and sink and the toilet bowl. If you don’t know about Pails and Deepers, then this is not for you. In almost every Filipino house, timba at tabo is a must. Honestly, I can’t take  a bath using the shower, the water overwhelms me. Back to timba at tabo, are you aware that although this two item accumulates dirt more than any other item in your bathroom. Go and check it. You will find stains on it (parang libag lang) and when you go through your fingernails on it, you can scratch the dirt out of it. I was about to take a pic of our tabo but decided not to and just go on cleaning it. I forgot to orient my maids about it.

The tabo can be easily cleaned using a brush. Clean it at least every two week to prevent the dirt from accumulating. I hate it when I see bathrooms with tabos who is so thick with dirt. KADIRI! In some of the houses we went, almost all of their tabo suffer from dirt. kawawa naman ang tabo, nangangapal na ang libag. Guys, if you really wanna make your bathroom spotless clean, take time cleaning your tabo. It does not take a lot to do so.

That is one of the reason why I don’t turn the lights on when I enter a bathroom, I will die from stopping myself to clean it.

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