How To Store Christmas Decors

Now that Holiday season has ended and all things are back to normal, we home makers has to face another season, that is, keeping away the decors and all. It’s tiring to take them all out and it’s tiring to store them but of course the feeling of seeing it, making our house more special is priceless. So how to start undecorating? Is it the Christmas Tree first or the lights first? Or maybe the garland.

My suggestion is that you separate each decors base on where it is decorated. Also separate it base on colors. For example, red balls on the Christmas tree should go to a plastic bag labeled red balls. Green balls should be on plastic bag labeled green balls. And all these plastic bags full of balls should be in a big container labeled CHRISTMAS TREE.

As always, proper labeling is the key. Sorting it out makes it easier for you. Aside from it will give you more room, it would also be an advantage the next Christmas.

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