Home For 2010

The best way to start the New Year is to make you home a better place to live in. Let’s start with our cupboards. Have you noticed that there are condiments and spices that is now way beyond their expiration date? What are you waiting for? Throw it away, NOW! Are there some chipped off mugs or broken tea cups? This kind of things should have disposed even before the year starts. You know that in Feng Shui, there is a saying that you cannot have something new if you are still keeping the old ones? Like if you are longing for a new LCD TV and yet you are not disposing your old TV that is not working, you won’t have it. Personally I don’t believe it (though there are some feng shui principles that I practice) but the thing is, it is very logical to throw away things that are not working.

Work out your kitchen, make every thing looks new and shiny. Redecorate it and reinvent it. For us home makers, kitchen is the most useful thing. Here in my house, I work on the dinning table, I prepare our dishes on the dinning table. I serve my family with the help of my kitchen. It is just right to make the kitchen more organize and more homey. If you own your house, you can repaint the area or you can also change the counter tops or add some new racks. If you are like us, renting, you can try re organizing the pots and the your casseroles. You can also add some racks for new acquired kitchen gadgets (from Christmas parties and family gifts).

You can also try reinventing your house, make it more natural and airy. Use natural products and warm colors like green and brown. Also add some plants inside the house, it keeps the air cleaner and as much as possible stay away from using chemical based air freshener and house fragrant. This year, I hope we can all make our home and lives a lot better than last year.


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