First Purchase

This is my first house hold purchase of the year. I don’t know, but it seems mosquitoes are having fun roaming around. They are everywhere! I can’t spray insect repellents because it would require us to be outside the house fr 30 minutes. I wish I can have citronella oil, they can scare mosquitoes away and it smells good too, but I don’t where to find it! And so the next best thing is to buy this mosquito catcher. For a first time user, it was fun using it, specially if there a lot of mosquitoes. The mechanism of this house gadget is that the wires are charged with electricity. When the net caught a mosquito, it will experience electric shock and will burn to death. I so hate mosquito so it is fun to hear it the burning sound (zt ztz ztz).

The store personnel said we have to charge it for 16 hours before using. We did and it lasted for 3 days with 1 to 2 hours a day usage. I think this one is very practical to have in your house. It only costs $4. It is mostly available in hardware stores. Go find and have fun catching mosquitoes!

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