Easiest Way To Do The Laundry

I discovered a treasure when it comes to washing the laundry. It was last year when this product was launched. The DOWNY ISANG BANLAW or DOWNY ONE RINSE fabric conditioner. I was in doubt on the effectiveness of this product. How can a fabric conditioner will make your laundry life easier? Well it says that after washing the laundry with soap, you don’t have to rinse it, all you need is the DOWNY ISANG BANLAW.

My laundry hours shortened from a whole day to 3 hours. This is what I usually do. Wash the clothes. Put the clothes in the dryer and spin it dry for 10 minutes (to drain the soap suds) then soak it in DOWNY ISANG BANLAW for 5 minutes and spin it again and hang to dry. That’s easy!

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