Boxes Of Clutter

Declutter. That’s my favorite word, and you will notice that I will use that word so often. I hate clutters and so the only way I can survive is to declutter. last Wednesday while I was looking for something on my closet, I realized that the clothes are not folded correctly. To me, correctly means, the clothes are aligned (not necessarily arranged according to color).  Suddenly, I had this compulsion to clean and organize my stuffs. And without thinking, I started rummaging the closet and then the boxes that has been gathering dust, in other words, I started a general cleaning without giving notice to my helpers. That photo above is just an inch of things we needed to organize. We started around 10 AM and ended up at 4. Actually we are not finished yet as there are 3 or more boxes that were left untouched. Those are books and papers and old photos and the likes. I am still looking for a better box for those. From a dozen of boxes, we sized it down to 4. We sorted everything out, big toys goes on one box. Small toys on the other. All bags goes to another box. Some of our clothes that we no longer use or have no plans on wearing for more than 3 months goes into another box. As much as possible, I try to clean at least every 3 months, that’s general cleaning I am talking about.

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