Abad Santos Cheap Furniture

Where to find cheap furniture in the Philippines?

As a homemaker, I always look for cheap items with high quality. When it comes to furniture, my top choice is not malls but a stretch of furniture shop in Abad Santos in Caloocan. The area is located just below the LRT track. If you are traveling by Public Transport, just ride the LRT and stop at the ABAD SANTOS station. There are more than twenty furniture shops there. The secret to finding the best deal is to ask around first. Canvass the area for the prizes and compare. You can even find baby items there. I bought Chico’s’ first crib there, a wooden crib that is usually priced 5000 Php (plus $100) at malls, but I got there for only 2700 PhP (plus $50). I got it half the mall price. DOn’t expect though that you will get your furniture half the mall price, usually you can get 20% to 40% off the mall price.

We have been in the area numerous time and as always, we got what we want at the most reasonable price. We got our dinning table there, Chico’s crib, Sati’s crib, our new sala set and even the kid’s supposed to be study table (now a toy storage). If we will have our own house, we will be back there for sure.

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2 thoughts on “Abad Santos Cheap Furniture

  1. I agree, there’s a lot to choose from those many stores in Abad Santos. I just wish I chose any other store than Marquez. My order has not yet been delivered, and it’s been 25 days now! They made so many excuses, and every time I ask when I’ll get my order, I always get the “mamayang hapon po” reply. And I have received that response at least 8 times already. So next time, may be I’ll opt for your choice and go to Lorenz’s Furniture.

  2. Nice read! 🙂 I’m about to blog about this place as my husband and I went there yesterday. I am really amazed that we can get our furniture in there at a bargain price. 🙂

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