A Must Have

Purchased this yesterday. I think this is a must have in every house with kids (lot of kids). And for a family of 6 like mine, I am glad we bought it yesterday.


It’s a Rossmax  nebulizer. Kids are coughing. Although this one is a health stuff, I think homemakers should also invest on things like this.

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  1. This is a good investment. With the rising cost of medical services, it is advisable, especially nowadays for us parents to be wise in everything we do, and when it comes to our children’s welfare. We used to rent it at a nearby health clinic and mind you, it’s not fun to be inline just for it!

  2. Just so you know…nebules are cheaper at the Generic Store and they work just as well as the Ventolin nebules at half the price….being asthmatic…I had to reasearch on all of that!